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26 okt. 2018

Industrial Patisserie Competence Center
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Industrial Bakery Competence Center

At Puratos, we’re always looking for new ways to support our customers. By helping them discover new products and technologies, we can help them grow their business. We share our knowledge in our Innovation Centers, which are open to all sorts of customers: big, small, artisanal or industrial. Of course, these customers have different needs. To help develop the knowledge and skills of industrial manufacturers, Puratos established Industrial Competence Centers for bakery, patisserie and chocolate. We asked Xavier Taverne, R&D application specialist for Patisserie, and Stef Aerts, R&D application specialist for Chocolate, to explain the value of these centers.

Why were the industrial competence centers established?

Xavier: “For an industrial patisserie producer, introducing a new product or technology is a big investment. It’s also a risk: will it be interesting for his market? The Industrial Patisserie Competence Center (IPCC) enables him to work together on projects with new technology or equipment. We offer our customers a fully-equipped test center, where we share all our facilities, tools and knowledge with them.”

Stef: “Over the years, we saw a growing demand for chocolate usage in industrial applications and finished goods. In order to provide our customers with the support needed to innovate and optimise their process and products, the Industrial Chocolate Competence Center (ICCC) was established. The center makes it possible for our customers to research and test applications before implementing them in their product lines.”

What’s the link between the IPCC and the ICCC?
“The IPCC and ICCC have the same industrial approach. Plus, chocolate is a big part of the pastry world, where it’s used for flavour and decoration. We learn from each other, and we rely on each other’s knowledge to answer technical issues experienced by our customers or our intern R&D team at Puratos. It’s really a two-way street.”

Are the centers for customers only?
“All the Puratos competence centers are established to support our customers and let them experience our products. But there’s also an internal audience. We organise internal seminars and train colleagues worldwide, like technical advisors, application specialists and R&D people. We share our knowledge, explain new machinery, and work together on new developments.” 1

What does a day in your center look like for your customers?

“It strongly depends on the request of the customers. In close cooperation with them, we set up a programme that suits their needs best. Part of that programme can be a visit to the innovation center, to learn what Puratos stands for. We can give presentations and demos on new products or new technologies. We can present finished goods or organise a workshop to teach the customer the best way to work with a new technology. And of course, we’re open for customers who want to test our products before they make the final decision to start working with them. So what a day in the center looks like completely depends on the customer’s request. We can make a tailormade programme for that.”

Do customers visit you more than once?
“They often do, yes. Customers visit us to try and test new products. They take the finished goods home, test them in their own company and come back to finetune. There’s always a follow-up. Because we’re continuously innovating and launch new products on a regular basis, many customers definitely visit us more than once.”

How do the customers value the competence center?
“The reactions are always positive. Many guests are surprised when they come into our centers. They marvel about all the facilities, how organised everything is and how many possibilities we can offer them.”

What’s the best compliment you ever got from a customer?

“When we start a new project with a customer, it means months of hard working, testing and optimising the process and the product. We put a lot of time and effort into every project. When a customer decides to launch, it means he believes in us and in our competence. That’s actually the best compliment he can give us.”

Want to grow your industrial business?
Interested in how Puratos can help you grow your industrial business? Would you like to absorb new knowledge or train your skills in working with new products and technologies? Or maybe test a new product thoroughly before you bring it into production? Contact to plan a visit to the Industrial Competence Center for Chocolate or Patisserie.

Are you an industrial baker?
Industrial and semi-industrial bakers around the world face challenges that are very different to those faced by artisans, mainly due to differences in the scale and speed of production. To help our industrial customers tackle and overcome these challenges, we also welcome you in over 11 International Bakery Competence Centers (IBCC) worldwide. Visit the website for more information.